Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Simple Statement Of (Rationalist/Atheist) Creed

It is high time to realize that it is not wise to continue indulging irrational, ideology-driven, religious-driven, science-rejecting, mendacious, folks by allowing them to spew their bullshit without being called upon it - for the lame sake of "civility". Allow me to offer to you my argument why:

For too long now, too numerous people out there have been allowed a veritable destructive wide range of leeway to put forth their creationist/religious arguments based from incredulity/ignorance, outright self-serving/self-centered self-righteous feelings/beliefs, mendacious bullshit -if not outright lies- regarding science and scientific facts, and/or devious/malicious bastardization/corruption of scientific knowledge and understanding, all with the unavoidable result of conveying the (absolutely wrong-headed and false) impression that such (non)arguments constitute "valid, reasonable points" to be considered in the same balance as ... actually tested/verified/demonstrated scientific facts.

Now, as I opined before, such primitive-minded folks are in effect irredeemable. However, through it all, it is always all those other folks out there, those that are "sitting on the sidelines", that have been going away from such discussions between rationalists/scientists and religious/creationists/fundamentalists with the said wrong-headed/false perception that the "religious" arguments constitute valid, reasonable counter-points to scientifically established facts - thus consequently leading to the current, sad and confused state of affairs (re: evolution, global warming/climate change, vaccination, etc.).

Do you know how the 18-19th century era is named by an overwhelming consensus of historians? It is named the "Age of Enlightenment" or the "Age of Reason". Why? Because that is when science - and the scientific method- truly came into its own, already then flaying hard and fast at irrationality and superstition with its 100 mm-caliber bullets of reason, rationality and scientifically tested/verified/demonstrated acquired knowledge -of us, of life, of the world, or our solar system, of our galaxy, of our universe- and cutting foolishness down without a second thought (and deservingly so).

And yet, some 200-250 years later, it is as if we are right back when (then) we started - except with the paradoxical fact that science and knowledge has improved/increased a million fold (especially over the last 30-50 years!). How has this come about? Well, this is obviously another discussion for another time, of course. Be that as it may, here we are now in the 21st century - and yet so many folks still reject evolution (as but one example), purely for superstitious/religious/theistic beliefs. This is where my observation from the earlier paragraph comes into full play: a large part as to why we find ourselves "stuck back" essentially to prior the 19th century is precisely because for far too long not enough of us has ever called out the ignorance, bullshit and outright mendacity of religious/creationist/primitive-minded people right in their faces - and especially for the benefit of all those other folks out there who "are not sure", "don't know", or "are confused" ... i.e. sitting on the sidelines of this artificial (non)debate.

Hence, that is why I've resolved a long time ago to call out arguments from ignorance and incredulity for what they are. That is why I've resolved to call out bullshit and outright lies/bastardizations/corruption regarding facts that have been established/tested/verified/demonstrated scientifically. That is also why I do not even bother to put on kid gloves, let alone "civil" or diplomatic ones, with such indecent, immoral people. For too long they've been allowed to push utter bullshit without being called out for it.

Thus we must draw the line once and for all. Now and forever.

Therefore, such people must not only be called out for their intellectual dishonesty, their willful ignorance and/or outright mendacity, but they must also be deservingly ridiculed in order to expose them for what they truly are - *especially* for the benefit of all those others that remain "on the sidelines".

This is my honest creed regarding such matters - from attacks on scientific knowledge and the scientific method, through continuous assaults on reason and rationality, to political/ideological hypocrisy/pandering/fearmongering (rightwingers, theocrats, creationists/IDists, climate change-denialists and/or authoritarians, anyone?).

That is because I sincerely, genuinely, fear for the future of Humanity. I look historically at the Christian Middle Ages and I weep. I look historically at Islam in the 900-1100's CE (do you know how many stars have Arabic names? Almost all of them! Where do the "zero" comes from? Where do "Arabic numerals", our very numerical system, come from? Etc.), and how by 1200 CE they crashed down towards full theocracy and a consequent dark age of ignorance (continuing to this day, albeit I grant other external colonial forces contributed to such perpetuation), and I also weep.

I likewise look historically at what has been going on since the 1950's (Cold War years) and, especially, since the last decade, and I am frankly scared as to how this will end up if We. Keep. Playing. "Reasonable". Instead. Of. Calling. Out. Frankly. Their. Bullshit.

That is why I am "militant" in such matters. Now, mind you, I'm not seeking here the "atheismation" of the world. I'll be somewhat content if the majority of folks at the very least become like the Kenneth Millers of the world - folks who accept the reality of evolution, while doing their own mental gymnastics privately to reconcile said acceptance with their religious beliefs (with the added bonus of not really trying to impose their religious beliefs upon others).

Of course, I'd rather see the world completely free of superstition and religion ... but as a pragmatist, realist, rationalist -and yes, scientist-, I've no problem about going at this one step a a time.

So, in conclusion, we must realize and understand that we can no longer indulge fundamentalist/creationist people - or all those that would deny/reject reason, rationality and scientific facts. They constitute a veritable -critical- problem. They must be exposed and ridiculed for what they are - primitive-minded ignoramuses -, if only for the potential benefit of all those others that keep "sitting on the fence" ...

... and let's not forget that, at least for the time being, it is *they* that constitute the actual majority, eh?

Hence, for the future, I say: be proud, stand up, and shout at the religious buffoons!