Friday, April 1, 2011

Late Friday Night Ode To ... The Future (Again)

Yet another war, another election campaign (Canada), Christian fundamentalists posing as Conservatives doing everything they can to impose their religious views and beliefs (Canada and USA), so-called liberals/progressive/democrats cowering or triangulating while still not doing much to prevent the Christian fundie march (Canada, USA), the majority of the electorate more ignorant, uninformed and/or disinformed than ever (Canada, USA), informed critical reasoning increasingly becoming scarce (Canada, USA), scientific knowledge and education increasingly under assault while average folks don't care or actually approve ... same thing with regards to constitutional laws and civil rights, further eroding in the name of Holy Security.

That is the state of North America in 2011.

Instead of leading our countries and the world to a veritable better place, we keep on destroying what we have achieved in the past, having become not just part of the world's problems, but selfishly and insousciantly worsening the FUBAR we keep causing.

Thus I give you: Alter Bridge - Before Tomorrow Comes and Open Your Eyes

So remember folks - we can be so much more than we are.

If we open our eyes at last.

But I guess only time will tell if we'll ever get out of these Semi-Dark Ages we keep miring ourselves into.


  1. came the fall of two towers
    and amidst all the showers
    of debris and death and of sadness

    cried a voice in our ears
    that fed on our tears
    and drove the whole country to madness


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