Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Harpocrisy Revealed Yet Again: Same Predictable Pattern

Our Prime Poseur today: Harper can't rule out carbon tax.

Our Prime Poseur back in June 2008: PM: Dion's carbon tax would 'screw everybody'

Are you really that surprised by such shameless hypocrisy on the part of Harper or any of his Harpies?

Let's take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

Our Prime Poseur and his Harpies on the economic crisis:
Harper in April 2008: "Canada's economic fundamentals and the oversight of its financial system remain strong."

Harper in July 2008: "Canada's economic fundamentals remain strong."

Harper in Sept. 2008: "The only way there is going to be a recession is if (the Liberal Party of Canada is) elected."

Harper in Sept. 2008: "At the moment there are problems in the Canadian economy, but we aren't in a recession."

(Finance Minister) Jim Flaherty in Oct. 2008: "This country will not go into recession next year."

Harper in Nov. 2008: "There might be a technical recession at the end of this year or the beginning of next."

Flaherty in Nov. 2008: "We may well be in a technical recession."

Flaherty in Dec. 2008: "The economy is weakening significantly."

Flaherty in Dec. 2008: "The economic picture continues to worsen."

Harper's Jan. 2009 Throne speech: "Canadians face a difficult year — perhaps several difficult years."

Harper in Jan. 2009: "We're entering the recession later."

Harper in March 2009: "Canada was the last advanced country to fall into this recession (...) we will come out of this faster than anyone and stronger than ever."

Harper in March 2009:"We are in a global recession principally."

Harper in April 2009: "Today the world faces the greatest economic crisis of the postwar era."

Flaherty in May 2009: "We are going through a deeper economic slowdown than anticipated."

Harper in June 2009: "These are trying times for many Canadian families, those who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the worst downturn in the world economy in half a century (...) The effects of the recession are beginning to ease."

(International Trade Minister) Stockwell Day in July 2009: "I'm not kidding. The recession is over."

Flaherty in August 2009: "No (the recession is not over)."

Harper in August 2009: "Canada is not yet out of this world recession."

Harper in Oct. 2009: "We’ve got (Federal Reserve) Chairman (Ben) Bernanke and others saying the recession is over but I think that’s only in a technical sense."
So - we went from "there won't be a recession" to "we have some economic problems" to "there's a recession in the technical sense" to "the worst recession in a half-century" to "several years of hardship" to "recession is beginning to ease" to "the recession is over in a technical sense".

It's all about technicalities, you see. And (of course) it's been worse than anticipated.

Now let's hear Harper and his Harpies on deficits:
Harper in Oct. 2008: "Our position in this election is we're not going to run deficits."

Harper in Oct. 2008: "If you don't want a carbon tax and tax increases and a deficit and recession, the only way to ensure that is the case is to vote for the Conservative party."

Flaherty in Oct. 2008: "We're sure not going to run a deficit ... We will maintain a surplus in Canada and we will continue to pay down debt."

Harper in Oct. 2008: "There’s nothing on the horizon - notwithstanding the storm clouds, and they are significant - (that) indicates to me that we should immediately go into deficit (...) I know economists will say we could run a small deficit, but the problem is that once you cross that line, as we see in the United States, nothing stops deficits from getting larger and larger and spiraling out of control."

Harper in Nov. 2008: "If we do short-term deficit spending as a deliberate policy we will have to be able to demonstrate to Canadians that those deficits will genuinely be short term."

Harper in Nov. 2008: "The government of Canada today is not planning a deficit. But if the government of Canada decides . . . that we do have to engage in fiscal stimulus, that government spending is essential not just to shore up economic activity but investment markets, that would be the occasion we would go into what would be called a cyclic or a short-term deficit."

Flaherty in Nov. 2008: "We're on track to run a small surplus. For next year it's more challenging (...) So that may mean that we will run a deficit next year."

Flaherty in Dec. 2008: "We will ensure that spending that puts us into deficit is temporary, is for finite purposes, so that we will not be into a permanent deficit."

In Dec. 2008, Harper said that Ottawa is looking at a deficit in the $20 billion to $30 billion range next year, suggesting that his government is preparing to introduce stimulus of between $15 billion and $25 billion.

In Dec. 2008, Flaherty said the 2009-2010 budget he presents Jan. 27 will show "how we’ll come out of deficit, so that it’ll be clear to Canadians that as the economy recovers the deficit will disappear and we’ll be in surplus again."

Harper in Jan. 2009: "There’s nothing unconservative about running deficits during a recession (...) but what we’ve got to be sure of as we enter a deficit [is] that those spending measures are short-term."

Flaherty in Jan. 2009: "Our government is making a deliberate choice to run a substantial short-term deficit (...) a temporary deficit cannot be avoided. As a result, our government projects a budget deficit of $34-billion for the next fiscal year; and $30-billion the year after that (...) There will be no long-running or permanent deficit (...) By 2011 we project the deficit will fall to $13-billion; by 2012 it will fall to $7.3-billion. By 2013 we project a return to surplus — for that year, a surplus of $700-million (...) We have chosen this course because it is necessary, and because we know it will be temporary."

Flaherty in May 2009: "We will run a substantial short-term deficit this year which I would estimate at more than $50 billion."

Flaherty in May 2009: "I expect we will have a larger deficit than anticipated in the federal budget . . . the deficit will be substantially more."

Harper in May 2009: "Our deficits will be large, but they will be temporary. In fact, in the short term, they will be as large as they have to be to help us weather this recession (...) But only if these deficits are temporary and our stimulus spending ends when the recession ends."

In Sept. 2009, Flaherty revealed Canada's budget shortfall will swell to a record $55.9 billion this year, but pledged that the Harper government will trim the deficit to a manageable size within the next five years (...) the finance minister pledged that the government will reduce the deficit to $5.2 billion by 2015.

In Sept. 2009, Flaherty said the severe economic recession means that, between now and 2014-15, Ottawa's budget shortfall will total more than $160 billion.

Harper in Oct. 2009: "I actually do think we are in a rare period, one that as an economist I didn't think we would see again in my lifetime, where deficits are not only necessary but actually advised."

Harper in Dec. 2009: "And within four to five years (...) we should be back to a balanced budget."
So - we went from "there won't be a deficit" to "we can't cross the line of deficits because they can't be stopped from growing" to "we will have a small deficit" to "deficits cannot be avoided" to "there will be deficits but only temporary, short-term" to "we will have substantially larger deficits" to "deficits will be as large as they need to be" to "it will take much longer to return to balanced budgets" to "deficit spending is actually necessary and advisable".

Recognize the pattern?

From denials to obfuscations to contradictory spins to backtracking/grudging acknowledgments to contradictory position updates to outright reversal of initial denials - only in order to return back to square one afterwards.

Rinse and repeat.

On fighting climate change? Same damn pattern.

On Afghan detainee abuses? Again the same damn pattern - over and over again.

Hell, even on the loss or misplacement of official documents! On everything and anything, for that matter.

That is hypocrisy all right - that is the behavior of outright incompetents.

Case closed.


  1. saw Flaherty today doing a christmas sing-a-long with public servants. Had to go outside because I felt like spitting. Very few people were smiling.

    Having this scum in power seems to empower the crazies as well. They seem worse than usual - more vocal, calling for blood with less restraint, but maybe I'm just noticing them more.

    Harper's supporters are insane. Seriously. How can any sane person not see the lies you've exposed, and having seen them, how can they possibly support him?

  2. "How can any sane person not see the lies you've exposed, and having seen them, how can they possibly support him?"

    Remember primitive minds?

    Therein lies the answer to your question ;-)

  3. Excellent work, Pierre! Excellent!

  4. Thank ye ;-)

    I try ... I try ... gotta get better at this blogging thing, eh? ;-)

  5. Their followers follow them because they're stupid and hateful too.

    Their delusions are profitable for our economic elites and so the stupid people's party gets all sorts of funding and is regarded as a serious party by our debased news media.

  6. Excellent job, Pierre. Timelines and examples that nobody can dispute.

    Well done!

  7. Best post that I have read on your blog. Well done.

  8. Dave: thanks - and yes, the printed (and filmed) words cannot be disputed, especially when strung together on a timeline. Now that's "gotcha" journalism, eh? ;-)

    Jawl: thanks! - although this is by far not the fist such posts I have written in this genre ...


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