Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Harper: War-Cheerleading Rhetoric Being Thrown Back In His Face

Remember these Afghanistan war-cheerleading gems of the recent past from our Prime Douchebag and his Harpies, all in order to essentially make this war Canada's own?

"(...) the Government stands firmly behind the vital role being played by our troops in Afghanistan today. The dedicated Canadians in Afghanistan deserve all of our support as they risk their lives to defend our national interests, combat global terrorism and help the Afghan people make a new start as a free, democratic and peaceful country." - S.J. Harper;

"(...) These (fallen soldiers) were working to bring security, democracy, self-sufficiency and prosperity to the Afghan people and to protect Canadians' national and collective security. We will not forget their selfless contribution to Canada (...)" - S.J. Harper;

"(...) (The soldiers) are there to defend our national interests and protect the population of Afghanistan. It is the Taliban who are committing violence against our troops and the Afghan people and this Parliament should be supporting our men and women in uniform." - S.J. Harper;

"We believe that we are engaged in a war on terrorism, a war on evil people, just as we were during the First and Second World Wars. We believe that these people have to be brought to justice." - J. Hill;

"Is that the legacy we want to have for our Afghanistan mission, that we did not get the job done? Setting a deadline for the Canadian Forces to withdraw right now would send a clear and dangerous signal to the Taliban. For the sake of the Afghans, our mission cannot be measured simply by the number of years or months we have invested." - R. Hiebert;

"(...) Progress is being made [in Afghanistan] (...) As we work together, I believe, we will see in Afghanistan a better country continue to emerge. Already we are seeing the changes. But it is coming at a price. We are prepared to pay the price the people of Afghanistan are asking from us." - S. Day;

"(...) our troops have a right to expect the same kind of support from the Canadian public and the Canadian government. Canada has a proud history of coming to the aid of nations in need. Now is not the time to ‘cut and run’." - J. Hill;

"(...) Do you tell the enemy the exact day you are going to leave or do you not?" - S. Day;

"(...) We don't make a commitment and then run away at the first sign of trouble. We don't and we will not, as long as I'm leading this country (...)" - S.J. Harper.

"We honor those who take risks and make the ultimate sacrifice by making a commitment to staying the course." - S.J. Harper;

"We can't set arbitrary deadlines (to get out of Afghanistan) and hope for the best (...) We can't just put down our weapons and hope for peace." - S.J. Harper;

"I don't have to tell you ... the risk that terrorism will come home if we don't confront it here (in Afghanistan)." - S.J. Harper;

"You (the soldiers) have put yourselves on the line to defend our national interests; protect Canada and the world from terror (...) it is in our national interest to see Afghanistan become a free, democratic and peaceful country." - S.J. Harper;

"(...) cutting and running (from Afghanistan) is not your way. It's not my way." - S.J. Harper;

"(...) we determined that the single most important thing we're doing in terms of our commitments, in terms of the risks were taking, in terms of the leadership we're showing, the most important thing is what we're doing in Afghanistan." - S.J. Harper;

"(...) And because of this war of terror, people around the world have come together to offer a better vision of the future for all humanity. For this vision to take hold, the menace of terror must be confronted. And that is why the countries of the United Nations, with unprecedented unity and determination, launched their mission to Afghanistan to deal with the source of the 9-11 terror and to end, once and for all, the brutal regime that horribly mistreated its own people while coddling terrorists." - S.J. Harper;

"(...) And as the events of Sept. 11 so clearly illustrate, the horrors of the world will not go away if we turn a blind eye to them, no matter how far off they may be. And these horrors cannot be stopped unless some among us are willing to accept enormous sacrifice and risk to themselves." - S.J. Harper;

"(...) I would ask as well, that you keep in your thoughts and prayers the personnel and families of the extraordinary people in Afghanistan and elsewhere who have put themselves on the line so that the world is a better and safer place for all of us." - S.J. Harper;

"I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners. I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers." - S.J. Harper;

"Let's not forget that on 9/11, terrorism came to our shores (from Afghanistan). So we have to be vigilant and very responsible in continuing to play a role in Afghanistan (...) When the Afghanistan government can take care of its own interests, then we can come home (...) Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan has enhanced its international reputation as a defender of freeedom and democracy. It's a volatile world and we have a very important role to play, as we have in previous conflicts." - P. MacKay;

"I would like to see more support in the House of Commons from all sides for Canadian men and women in uniform. I think Canadians expect that from parliamentarians in every party. They have not been getting it, and they deserve it." - S.J. Harper;

"The people and the government of Afghanistan want us here. The Canadian men and women in uniform and people who work in various government agencies believe in this mission. So I am not here because of the polls. I am here because it is the right thing to do." - S.J. Harper.
Well, so much war cheerleading has a political price to be paid when you finally decide that enough is enough and at last acknowledge the reality that this war in Afghanistan just can't be won through the military. Here is said price:
PM sounds like defeatist, father of slain soldier says

The father of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan says he's upset that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called the Taliban insurgency there unbeatable, arguing it's bad for troop morale.

"I tell you, Mr. Harper sounded to me like a defeatist," Nova Scotian Jim Davis said. "For the Prime Minister of a country to do that, it just didn't make sense to me."
Payback's a bitch, ain't it?

That is what happens when you cheerlead wars, pumping your chest with gung-ho machismo all the while denying the full, horrible, wasteful and senseless reality of it: you whip to a frenzy those that want to believe you and follow you.

But when you finally come back down to reality, all you do is let them down, confused, demoralized, bewildered - and lost in the desert of unreasoning "gung-ho let down".

That is not leadership. This is acting like irresponsible, clueless, utter fuckwits at a national and international level. Which of course can only lead to FUBARs.

And now in between, I still hear the faint echos of one Harpie's pitiful cries of last September, when it was announced that 2011 was the end-year for Canada's single, most important endeavor - to whit:
Ending Afghan mission in 2011 is no 'cut and run,' MacKay says.
Which, in turn, makes me reiterate the following:
Better late than never, I say.

But it does demonstrate the point once and for all: "what was the Afghanistan mission for? Absolutely nothing."

Except, of course, for having wasted lives and billions of monies.
In the final analysis, it has been clearly and definitely established that Harper and his Harpies are nothing but the very chickenhawk poseurs I previously called them out to be.

And in their wake, we have lives of our soldiers, and those of their families, utterly wasted - not counting Afghan lives and the billions spent - for nothing more than an empty political excercize aimed at stirring patriotic frenzy and dishing out fearmongering in order to have the power of elected offices.

Or, in other words:
People and soldiers have been dying over the last eight years for nothing more than what in the end has amounted to a needless and ludicrous political exercize on the part of incompetent "deciders" as their response to 9/11.
It is simply disgusting - as I (and many others) have been saying all along.

An apology would be indeed required.

And now, perhaps, the chickens have come home to roost in the Harper/CPC farm ...

Incidentally, we have recently witnessed such backfiring of rhetoric south of the border, when McCain endeavored to whip up the intolerance beast of his party base into a frenzy, not only to see it get out of his control but in the end taking over his party.

Perhaps a similar fate awaits Harper, his Harpies and the CPC?

Time will tell ... soon enough.

(Addendum: after posting this, I saw that Dr. Dawg blogged on this as well, beating me to it by some 5 minutes ... darn it)


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