Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Fellow Canadians ...

... considering that your government not only designated a chiropractician as Minister of Science and Technology, but furthermore said Minister can't bring himself to state whether he accepts the reality of evolution or not (h/t) - because he is a primitive mind-thinking creationist who regurgitates the same old (fallacious) (non)argument that evolution is about religion, not science - I thought I should convey to you all my most cynical congratulations.

You see - now I understand the aggressive-defensive stance of this ignorant Minister towards scientists (you know - like moi), as well as Harper's anti-science policies, that much better (and regardless of his pathetic spin/lies on the matter).

And it's pretty simple: let's get rid of scientists by attrition or let's force them to be slaves to corporations.

I mean - no wonder Harper is so proud of his Minister of Science and Technology the Supernatural.

No wonder Preston Manning, a bona fides Christian Right hack and science-ignoramus, defends/supports Harper to this effect.

(Oh - and Mme Suzanne Fortier? Get lost, you cowardly, boot-licking, shameless flake)

Remember how we used to chuckle and laugh at the Americans for their fundamentalist/creationist Bushies? Well, now it's our turn to be laughed at for our equally parochial, primitive minded Harpies.

Hence - welcome to the Semi-Dark Ages, fellow Canadians. And again: congratulations.

After all, you do own this FUBAR - yes indeed, just one more among so many others.

That's right.

So ya'll better "enjoy it", eh?

(Early evening addendum: our fine Minister of Science and Technology finally said that "yes" (well, sorta, somewhat - his answer here actually constitutes a statement to the acceptance of "micro-evolution", an already debunked "escapade" often used by creationists), he "believes" in evolution (h/t). Incidentally, his "spin" explaining his prior refusal to answer the question sounds like like pure, grade A bullshit hogwash (see above for his initial reasons to refuse to answer the question).

In any case, he still doesn't get it: you either accept scientific reality, or you don't. Science is never (and never has been) a matter of belief. Conclusion: a chiropractician, and a creationist one at that, still has no business being a Minister of Science and Technology. Period. Any questions?)


  1. It's interesting no?

    Stay tuned for the Harper Gov to tap into a great unused resources to "improve" the medical system.
    Heh. Ah those kooky wingnuts.


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