Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The State Of Science In Harper Land

How ironic that I've been up to my ears in science stuff (papers to write, grants to write and/or evaluate), leaving me little-to-no-time to blog properly (i.e. other than scheduled posts prepared the evening prior) and thus opining on a subject directly related to my vocation, my profession, my livelihood - scientific research (biomedical research in my case, to be more precise).

Hopefully, I'll be able to put forth my whole $0.02 on the subject in a few days - but for now, I will simply refer you to two items worth reading to this effect:

First off, you have Rev. Paperboy's post of yesterday on the matter;

Then I direct you to an op-ed published today by Marc Garneau (he omitted the obvious Canadian Institutes of Health Research - but I will forgive him).

For now, all I will say is: what else can you expect from a gang of parochial, Bushie-like, Christian fundamentalist, intellectual sloth-afflicted primitive minds and incompetents like Harper and his Harpies?

What else indeed ...

Welcome to Harper Land.

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