Thursday, June 26, 2008

Afghanistan: "It's Bad! It's Ba-ad, We Tells Ya!"

What I've been writing about all along ...

Of course, the Harpies still can't get a clue even when it bites them in the arse:

Earlier in June, the federal government announced its priorities for Afghanistan as well as three key "signature projects."

"Our ultimate goal remains the same -- to leave Afghanistan to Afghans, in a country that is better governed, more peaceful, and more secure," said Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister David Emerson in a statement.

"What is new is that we will significantly concentrate Canadian efforts and resources on the areas most likely to help us reach that goal."

The key projects include the following initiatives:

  • The rehabilitation of the Dahla Dam and its related irrigation and canal system in order to promote agriculture and generate jobs.
  • The construction, expansion and repair of 50 schools.
  • Expanded support of polio immunization in Kandahar in hopes to eradicate the disease in Afghanistan by the end of 2009.
Oh yeah - Canada's in charge all right - blind, deaf and dumb.

Either that, or we've just been served yet more "leader-like" lip service by the Harpies.

Or all of the above.

Then again, we should not forget that our "mission' in Afghanistan is our single most important endeavor. So sez our Mini Leader, the Grand Harper.

And if it all fails, we'll just blame it all on the Afghanis. No sweat, then.

Hip hip, hooray!


  1. Oh yeah - spilling over the Pakistan border *and* relying on Pakistani intel?

    "Recipe for disaster", anyone?

    No wait - since it is FUBAR already, what I just wrote is in fact utterly redundant ...


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